About Us

Silk Road Mandarin was founded in Dalian, North-East China. Realising the need for specialized and focused Mandarin lessons in Africa, a team of South African and Chinese nationals came together and created a company now based in Polokwane, South Africa.

Lead Teacher, Yu Lan, graduated from the prestigious Northeast Normal University with a degree in Education. With extensive experience in teaching young learners, "Lan Laoshi" (Teacher Lan) then turned her attention to teaching foreign adult students in Dalian. Loving the challenge and enjoying the success of her students, Ms Yu joined Silk Road Mandarin in 2018. Now residing in Polokwane, she is relishing the opportunity to teach and guide South African students of all ages and walks of life.

Silk Road Mandarin strives to bring quality Manadarin lessons presented by only qualified teachers, following a recognized curriculum. Small class sizes with personalized and dedicated attention to each student are how we differentiate our school.

We are excited, we are proud to be here to change your life!