Corporate Language Training

As the face of the international business constantly changes and with the rapid growth of global Chinese investment, Mandarin has and will increasingly become more important in the corporate world.

China's investment in Africa totalled close to USD 300 Billion from 2005 to 2018 when Chairman (President) Xi Jinping vowed to invest another USD 60 Billion into African countries.

Industries from the traditional like import, export and construction to insurance and real estate are now booming with opportunities to trade and conduct business with affluent Chinese companies and individuals residing in South Africa.

Let us consult with your company and tailor-make a language training program to suit your needs. Be it basic conversational skills and etiquette or an in-depth, three-year complete course, Silk Road Mandarin will provide a professional curriculum aimed at your specific business needs.

Scholarship programs are becoming ever increasingly popular where corporate companies are sponsoring students to study Mandarin, gain a degree and then return to work as fully competent translators and advisors in specialized areas. Invest in the future of your company's trade with China, invest in the youth of our country.