The HSK Programme

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the Chinese Language Proficiency Test. It composes of six levels and is the international standardized exam. These exams will measure and rate the student's proficiency in all aspects including speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Mandarin is a complex language with many challenges to overcome. With Silk Road Mandarin's HSK program, students will first learn the fundamentals, while growing with confidence to take on the advanced levels. As students progress and pass these set levels, so will grow the opportunity for recognition and credit for their language achievements.

Students who pass the HSK 4 exam will be eligible to study a degree in Mandarin at a top university in China and get full credit for their entire first year. Students who pass the HSK 5 exam will be credit two years of a Bachelor's degree in Mandarin. Opportunities do not only extend to studies in Mandarin. Students who pass the HSK 4 exam will also be able to study, using Chinese, degrees in:

Science, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Economics, Medicine, Agriculture, Liberal Arts, Foreign Language, International Trade, Marketing, Dentistry, Communication or Marine Biology to name some.

Students who follow our HSK program can graduate with a degree in Mandarin at a very young age before then embarking on a course to a Master's degree of their choosing. The opportunity to win full scholarships also increase exponentially compared to those of students who can only study in English.

As Chinese investment in Africa grows, it makes absolute sense for the next generation of South African people to engage with our Eastern allies, to learn their language and take the opportunities that come with their trade.

Small class sizes, dedicated and personalized progress reports together with the goal to produce only the best candidates for these lifechanging opportunities, is what drives our HSK program. By following the course books set out by the Confucius Institute and having it presented by a qualified native speaker, we strive for excellence inline with this famous institution's curriculum and standards.